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FBA Distribution


FBA Distribution

FBA Distribution

With our bonded warehouse located minutes away from Heathrow airport and strong partnerships with our Chinese freight forwarders, we have created a perfect platform to deliver the services expected by our Amazon FBA customers.

  • From inbound to outbound, fastest process time in 2 hours with an average of 24 hours
  • Self-Run Customs Clearance team  — Customs clearance pre-approval, pre-clearance
  • Over 90% cargo clearance prior to warehouse inbound Less than 1% inspection rate
  • Accepting Tax Deferrals  — Limiting client’s capital pressure
  • Independent Customs Inspection — Customs inspection in bonded warehouse by VTN UK Team

About VTN

VTN UK is an independent privately owned freight forwarding, logistics management and international shipping company, that provides exceptional services to commercial clients, private individuals and agents worldwide.

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